Business and company information goes into two directions in media houses: on the one hand, journalists consume such data to gather information for their articles and other news production, and, on the other hand, published material contains valuable references to companies, organisations and industry sectors.

This business case focuses on providing data journalists and business consumers with a user-friendly and efficient product to extract and repackage existing company- and industry-related data. The data comes from both journalistic content repositories as well as external company registers. The data journalism product will turn out presentable, high quality, accurate, and professionally visualised data formats.

Target users include various types of media professionals such as (investigative) journalists, editors, producers, verifiers, and business users in need for customisable data repacking. As part of this business case, three core capabilities, which will be built on top of the business graph, are envisaged for broadcasters and other news producers:

  • Data gathering – news producers use the data gathering capabilities to access company-related information to collect and compile data on organisations, commercial companies, industry sectors, etc. for the production of news articles and other broadcast media.


  • Search and visualisation – the capability will enable analysis of data from the business graph to automatically identify and extract business-related information. In addition to alerting the user to the content as published, it also publishes the analysed content into a visualisation tool, presenting part of the data in the form of maps and charts.


  • Repackaging customised company-related data – direct API-access to business graph data can be used for specific consumers to gather and monitor news on selected themes, topics, countries, organisations and companies. Media monitoring companies, business intelligence aggregators and analysts, in-company press analysis departments are potential customers.