EVRY offers CRM solutions and related services (technology and process strategy, planning and implementation) based on several vendors technologies to a wide range of large and SME customers in Scandinavia.

It also provides InfoTorg22, a data service to integrate the customer’s CRMs with updated data in order to automatically maintain addresses and contacts, get background information, perform credit checks, validate and qualify leads and other data-driven processes.

The ambition of this business case is to extend EVRY’s current offerings within the CRM product lines with a CRM Service that will provide

  • uniform and consistent data from the business graph
  • Data that can easily be integrated in a wide array of CRM products and services

A first result will enable efficient sales automation processes for EVRY’s CRM customers, but a significant added value is also the ability to improve the customer’s commerce, marketing, messaging and other business processes by pushing euBusinessGraph data to their legacy business applications.

The product will represent both an opportunity for cost reduction, reducing the complexity of business processes, and added value, enabling companies and businesses to act in new markets it better information. New innovative products connected to sales, logistics, mobile applications, and business interaction can be realised using the business graph data through the CRM Service. CRM-S will be built on proven technology, and will primarily focus on company data from authoritative business registers.

EVRY’s main focus will be in packaging business graph data in a service that can easily be plugged into a wide range of CRM systems.